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Hello everyone!

I’ve received my BEDA Group assignment and I’m in Group 6. Who else is with me!? Don’t be shy now.

Also, I received the contact info for the coordinator at the school where I’ll be teaching. I sent her an email to introduce myself and to ask about the age range of my future students. It turns out I’ll be teaching 12 through 17 year-olds! Now, I’ll be honest here. I am pretty nervous about this. I’m much more comfortable teaching people around my age or much older. That’s what I’ve been doing for several years and in a few different places. I’ve always been the young girl with all of the older friends. Or the youngest girl in the office. That sort of thing is natural for me. Understanding children is not, but I am excited about discovering how.

Now, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Children kind of freak me out. Please don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I don’t like children. I just get all super awkward whenever it’s time to interact with them. I’ve always felt a bit of jealousy for the people who can just go right up any child and attach and engage themselves with them. It seems to be a gift. It’s a good thing a bit of nervousness is healthy! Please pay no attention to any future kid-phobia freakout manifestations. I know I can do it. I might just have to work at it harder than most. This will definitely help push me out of my comfort zone; teaching children, a new country, a new language, a new life.

Something funny happened today. I received another Auxiliares de Conversación email today which informed me I was still “admitida.” However, I was asked not to be discouraged since they were making placements from the wait-list which began around application number 1404. The reason I found this a bit humorous is because when I applied I’m pretty sure my application number was 5,000 something. Yep, don’t worry. I won’t be discouraged. I’m super happy BEDA worked out!

If anyone has any tips, tricks, or suggestions on what to expect in this 12 to 17 age group PLEASE feel free to add your input! I’m kind of starting at square one here.

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  1. amelie88

    Where are you teaching in Madrid! I was an English teaching assistant this past year (not with Beda, but I’ve heard of the program). I’ll be honest, I didn’t enjoy it but that’s because I think I was not made to be a teacher! You seem to have experience.

    I also found a blog of another girl who is doing BEDA this year in Madrid:

  2. eludingennui

    I’ll be teaching in Arguelles this coming school year. The only teaching experience I had in Spain so far was with business people. Which program were you in? I’m sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy it very much. Are you staying in Spain?

  3. therootedtraveller

    I’m in group 4 (fridays :() but I think we’ll probably meet, haha it’s so weird now that I realize that we’re all probably gonna know each other in a few months.
    You’re also really lucky your school got back to you. Mine hasn’t yet (I emailed them a whiiile ago). 12-17 is actually relatively older, so you’ll probably relate to them a lot more than you might think. I’m better with kids under 12, so I’m really hoping I don’t have to teach teenagers, cause I just know that will be much tougher for me!


    Sounds like a dream come true to me:) I teach adolescents and little kids. I was the most nervous about teaching the adolescents (12-16 at my school), but they are THE. BEST. It might be a cultural thing, but all of my students are from Guatemala/Mexico. I’m not saying they won’t drive you crazy at times (or every day), but they will also surprise you every day with their intelligence, gratefulness, insights, and kindness. Good luck:)


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