In Search of Meteors

For the first time since I was a child, I stand near the water alone and look up into the sky. I am searching for signs of tonight’s Lyriad Shower, but see nothing. Too many clouds cover the sky. I find myself tuning in to my other senses and forgetting, for a moment, this past troubled month.

Why don’t I do this more often? Hmm…

Oh, right. I’m normally too tired, too busy, or too far away to enjoy this. I’m here now. I’m glad it is very dark outside so no one can see me in my bathrobe, clutching my wine glass. The only lights I see are on the water and belong to ships in the distance. I look up and see….clouds. I close my eyes and feel the breeze. They are calling for a storm tomorrow. The air smells like salt and grass. I feel strangely peaceful.

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