May 15, 2012

Surprisingly, it’s not impossible to wake up at 4:30am to get 2 hours of overtime in a day. It’s really especially easy when I know I’m saving money for a purpose. :}

I’m actually a little anxious because I was supposed to hear back from my potential future employer today or yesterday, but still I have not heard a peep! Once I get a definite answer I’ll explain more. Also, things are shaking up at my current job. The person who handles all of the high-priority cases for my module is being promoted….and I’m taking her place on Monday. Holy crap. This could either be really awesome or really stressful. I’m still not sure how to approach the whole “I-could-be-leaving-in-a-couple-months” conversation with my managers. I was waiting to tell them after I submit my acceptance for a new position, but with this recent mini-promotion… I don’t know. What is normally the best method of doing this???

On a totally unrelated note, I took some random photos around the yard and messed around on my iPad. (Also unrelated: iPad bluetooth keyboards are awesome) Has anyone used a photo editor called Snapseed? It was pretty entertaining.





One Reply to “May 15, 2012”

  1. popcorn

    nice pictures on the ipad… i would refrain from telling your managers too early that you will be leaving, especially because of where you work. They will treat you differently, it could go bad or good. just give them the normal 2 week notice when the time comes.


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