Salimos el Sabado – Kintaro

Welcome to the first entry of “Salimos el Sabado”. None of my reviews are due to incentives from staff or owners unless stated in my posts. I hope you will let me know what you think about the places I review or tell me about new places I should try!

I’m a sushi girl. Back in the US, “sushi night” was an almost weekly ritual. I have been to Kintaro several times in Madrid. They have an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet for 16 euros. If you go for lunch during the week I have heard the price is 9 euros. I’ve never ordered anything from the menu so I can’t speak to the price or quality if you don’t choose the all-you-can-eat option. It’s not phenomenal, but the sushi is decent and relatively inexpensive. A plus is the conveyor belt style service.


The sushi parades in front of you in such a way that it’s nearly impossible not to feel completely stuffed afterwards. There are also foods to pick off the conveyor such as: soup, chicken, meat, and desserts.





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  1. Estrella

    Thank you for this post, I’ve been trying to find good sushi in Madrid for awhile. I went to a pricey conveyor belt style restaurant a few months ago, but was disappointed. This place looks promising!

    • Eluding Ennui Post author

      No problem! I hope it helps.

      Which place did you go to before?

      Also, if you go to Kintaro you can leave a user review on this post. There is an option for others to review where I have the star reviews.


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