Suspending My Disbelief for a Moment

Hello all!

I’m really sorry I’ve been incognito for a while. I made it through skydiving! I have been dealing with a few personal things….yeah.. I’m not going to go into it so much, but this past Monday I finally received the confirmation that there is nothing left for me here to hang on to. My flight for Madrid leaves on September 4th!


I am still in disbelief.


Everyone who needs to know at work now knows. I’m so lucky that they have been so supportive. Today, my manager told me that he was talking about replacing me anyway…. but because I was almost certainly about to be promoted to a new position I had applied for. Oh well.

I have to write my letter of resignation tonight, but I really have no idea where to start! There are so many feelings and thoughts running through my mind right now. I’m also worried about when I should actually tell my students that I’m leaving. I don’t want it to turn into some kind of crazy countdown. O_o


I guess I should let all of my friends know and plan some sort of bon voyage party, right?

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  1. Yari

    I arrive in Madrid August 31st. I’m still kind of in denial that this is actually happening. I keep remembering things I need to do before I go, it’s like the list is never-ending. Are you leaving from Dulles airport?

      • Yari

        Lucky! I tried to find a direct flight from BWI, but had no such luck. I HATE flying from Dullus. Oh well.
        I actually just heard back from my school’s principal (who happens to be a nun…oh the joys of catholic schools!) and she seems super nice. It’s all becoming real!!

  2. Mike

    I just found your blog and am going back and reading about your thoughts and feelings before you left for Spain as that’s the position I’m in now. Like you, I’ve worked for a few years after college before heading to Spain. I’ll be turning in my resignation letter in about two weeks, and there lots of emotions running through me. I know I don’t want to be a my job forever and that I want to be in Spain, but I love my co-workers and know I will miss them. Reading this has been helpful as most teach in Spain blogs seem to be from people going to live in Spain directly from college. Thank you!

    • Eluding Ennui Post author

      Hey Mike!

      I’m so glad to hear it’s helped! I was absolutely scared and worried I was making a wrong choice. I haven’t regretted the move thus far, and I hope it turns out that way for you!

  3. Leanne

    Hi! Reading your great adventures makes me very excited! I leave in five weeks to be in Alcobendas near Madrid with Beda i can’t wait!


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