Memorial Day Musings

Today is Memorial Day, and it is the first day in a long while I did not need to set a wake-up alarm. I forgot how good it feels to wake up naturally.

I have not done a whole lot today. I found a WWII article online about my Grandfather’s time as a glider pilot in Burma so I read it to my mom. Other than that, I’ve been cleaning and organizing. I have all of my Spain documents in one folder now. I realized that I need to start working on acquiring the visa soon. Thanks to Lady in Spain, I now have a better idea of some of the steps I need to go through for certification and that pesky Apostille of The Hague Convention. Right now, I need to work on getting my medical certificate notarized and then I will get the Apostille slapped on everything. Eeeep!

Now, another thing I am trying to decide is whether I should become CELTA certified. If I do, I don’t know whether I should try to do that here in the States or if I should wait until I’m in Madrid. Cambridge seems to have a heavy-duty certification program. Hmmm….

I’m also trying to scope out International Organizations in Madrid. This is probably the Political Science/International Affairs degree talking, but I’d like to get involved somehow with organizations overseas. Who knows? Maybe it would open up some future working opportunities where I’m a bit more qualified.

* Visa Requirements

* “I’m Not a Criminal” Record

* Certification and Apostille Information