Travel Theme: Art


Here’s my response to this weeks challenge created by Alisa.

It took me a while to decide which of my photos represented art to me. I feel like I saw so many wonderful pieces of art while I was in Europe and I couldn’t figure out which to choose!

In the end, I chose a few photos of street art in Paris. They aren’t exactly something you would find in the Louvre or Musée d’Orsay, but I think they capture a beauty and whimsy of their own. Some are downright creepy, but others made me smile instantly. These street pieces all evoked some sort of emotion or thought from me.

Let’s see something that you believe best describes art and why!

Stuff like this was everywhere!

I would love a spaceship and giant bandage on the side of my house.

I had to add this one for the creepy factor.

How cool is this?

4 Replies to “Travel Theme: Art”

  1. ailsapm

    These is fantastic, they’re all so strange and different, I can’t quite decide which one is my favourite. So glad you joined in the travel theme this week! xxx Ailsa

  2. restlessjo

    What an amazing collection! I was riveted as I scrolled down to see what was coming next. Great work! I wouldn’t know where to start on this theme.


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